The best of West Coast and Japanese studio furniture and lighting

Kozai Style are Hideki Shimizu from Japan, who studied fine arts in the U.S. and London and has a passion for design and keen eye for detail, and Ron Cromie, a long-time resident of Japan and China with a fascination for furniture and furniture making.

Kozai Style brings together an exclusive and tightly edited collection of local West Coast studio furniture and lighting with meticulously crafted dining and casual chairs and sofas from Japan.

Our aesthetic reflects clean contemporary design, a less-is-more aesthetic, and our open West Coast sensibilities. Our name Kozai is a term used by Japanese craftsmen for hardwoods ( 硬材 ). Most importantly, our pieces celebrate the unique character and personality in each and every piece of hardwood. 

Whether Canadian or Japanese, our artisans design from a thorough understanding of material and craft. Their clean designs and superb craftsmanship meet both functional use and ergonomic comfort.


Home or abroad we welcome orders from accredited architects, interior designers and specifiers. 

Our clients are increasingly international and we have shipped to the US, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, London and the Middle East.

For US + International inquires, visit the Kozai USD Trade site.